Just Seriously Good Insights into Strategies for the TMT Industry


‘Oh no – not another part-time blog by a digital savvy management consultant…’ is what you may be thinking… But I promise you that Strategy4TelcoMediaTech will be anything but.

Strategy4TelcoMediaTech aims to present my views as an experienced consultant working in an industry I am passionate about.  It will focus on the Australian market and changes globally that are likely to have an impact on the telecommunications, media or the high tech industry in Australia. More specifically this blog will provide a perspective on the strategies and business model innovations that are shaping the companies and organisations that play in this space and how to effectively execute these.

I invite you to share, comment on, criticise and engage in rigorous debate on the views on this blog.

My only hope is that my blogging speed keeps up with the industry!

Twitter: @PeteCorbett

LinkedIn: Peter Corbett




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